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Manuela Höfler

The winners of the Swiss Reproducibility Awards 2024 were announced at the Swiss Reproducibility Conference at the award ceremony. The prize money of CHF 3000 for each of the Early Career Researcher Awards and the CHF 6000 for the recipients of the team Award was sponsored by the SNSF.

The Early Career Researchers Awards were presented for the second time. The following applicants won this year:

  • Category Biology and Medicine: Virginia Chiocchia, PhD from the University of Bern for her tool ROB-MEN, a user-friendly web application to assess the Risk Of Bias due to Missing Evidence in Network meta-analysis.
  • Category Humanities and Social Sciences: Dr. Martin Constant from the University of Geneva for his published manuscript “A multilab investigation into the N2pc as an indicator of attentional selectivity: Direct replication of Eimer (1996)”.
  • Category Mathematics, Natural and Engineering Sciences: Igor Tomic, PhD from EPFL his paper “Advancing Seismic Research: Transparent Data Sharing of AIMS Shake-Table Tests for Unreinforced Masonry Aggregates”

The Reproducibility Award for teams was presented for the first time. The winners were Yvonne Fuchs and Dominic Weber from the University of Basel for their software www.transcriptiones.ch

The goal was to support and highlight research output of early career researchers as well as research teams who adhere to the highest standards of rigor, transparency and reproducibility in their work. This was successfully achieved. SwissRN and the SNSF congratulate all award winners and thank all participants for their submissions.