Swiss Reproducibility Network

To promote rigorous research and robust results in Switzerland.

Stakeholders who support the SwissRN form the Stakeholder Engagement Group with the goal of

  • aligning SwissRN activity with the strategy and activity of the stakeholders
  • allowing the exchange of ideas
  • facilitating feedback on new stakeholder initiatives  

Current stakeholder group

Institution Contact
Swiss National Science Foundation alt text Katrin Milzow, head of strategy
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences alt text NN


Become a stakeholder in SwissRN

Potential stakeholders include funders (both governmental and charity) and non-profit organizations that are part of the academic environment. To become a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Group an organization has to provide direct financial support or support in kind to SwissRN and is required to agree to our mission and values.

If you would like to become a supporter of the Swiss Reproducibility Network, please send an email to Eva Furrer.