Swiss Reproducibility Network

To promote rigorous research and robust results in Switzerland.

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Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for the overall coordination of SwissRN activity and strategy.

Institution Unit Name
University of Zurich Faculty of Science and Faculty of Medicine, Center for Reproducible Science Leonhard Held Leonhard Held
University of Geneva Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Swiss Open Psychological Science Initiative Evie Vergauwe Evie Vergauwe
University of Bern Vetsuisse Faculty Bern, Swiss 3R Competence Centre Hanno Würbel Hanno Würbel



Member institutions of the SwissRN are formally committed to support the aims of SwissRN and have begun implementing them. Current institutional members are:

Institution Contact person
FernUni Schweiz / UniDistance Suisse alt text Prof. Dr. Walter Perrig, Vice Rector Research
University of Basel alt text Dr. Frank Neumann, Head Research Office
University of Bern alt text Prof. Dr. Daniel Candinas, Vice Rector for Research
University of Geneva alt text Prof. Dr. Antoine Geissbuhler, Vice Rector Digital Transformation
University of Fribourg alt text Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ries, Vice Rector International Relations, Digitalisation and Interdisciplinarity
University of Zurich alt text Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Stark, Vice President Research
Università della Svizzera italiana alt text Prof. Dr. Patrick Gagliardini, Pro-Rector for Research
Zurich University of Applied Sciences alt text Prof. Dr. Andreas Gerber-Grote, Head of Research and Development


Become a SwissRN Institution

We expect that institutions seeking membership of SwissRN will want to develop capacity to deliver a research improvement strategy, and to work with SwissRN to develop a strategy for ensuring the sustainability of SwissRN in the medium- and long-term, and to build a community of institutions focused on research improvement.

Interested institutions please send an email to Eva Furrer.


Stakeholders who support the SwissRN form the Stakeholder Engagement Group with the goal of

  • aligning SwissRN activity with the strategy and activity of the stakeholders
  • allowing the exchange of ideas
  • facilitating feedback on new stakeholder initiatives  
Institution Contact person
Swiss National Science Foundation SNSF Dr. Katrin Milzow, head of strategy
Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences Academies Claudia Appenzeller
FORS - Swiss Centre of Expertise in the Social Sciences FORS Dr. Marieke Heers
Swiss Psychological Society SSP-SGP Prof. Dr. Matthias Kliegel

Become a stakeholder in SwissRN

Potential stakeholders include funders (both governmental and charity) and non-profit organisations that are part of the academic environment. To become a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Group an organization has to provide direct financial support or support in kind to SwissRN and is required to agree to our mission and values.

If you would like to become a member of the Stakeholder Engagement Group of the Swiss Reproducibility Network, please send an email to Eva Furrer.

Advisory Board

An external Advisory Board comprising academics from the international research community with expertise related to the goals of the network supports the steering committee regarding strategy and direction.

Institution Unit/Function Name
Tilburg University Department of Methodology Michèle B. Nuijten Mich??le B. Nuijten
University of Bristol School of Psychological Science Marcus Munafo Marcus Munafo
National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research Head of Experimental Design and Reporting Nathalie Percie Du Sert Nathalie Percie Du Sert
Former head of Competence Centre for Methodology and Statistics at the Luxembourg Institute of Health Statistical Consultancy for the Pharmaceutical Industry Stephen Senn Stephen Senn



Institution Name & Contact
University of Zurich (UZH) Eva Furrer, SwissRN coordinator. Please send inquiries to eva.furrer@uzh.ch Eva Furrer