Swiss Reproducibility Network

To promote rigorous research and robust results in Switzerland.


The Swiss Reproducibility Network (SwissRN) is a peer-led consortium that aims to promote and ensure rigorous research practices in Switzerland by

  • establishing appropriate training activities,
  • designing and evaluating research improvement efforts,
  • disseminating best practice,
  • working with stakeholders to ensure coordination of efforts across the sector.

SwissRN is currently led by Leonhard Held (University of Zurich), Evie Vergauwe (University of Geneva) and Hanno Würbel (University of Bern). SwissRN aims for broad disciplinary representation and an intensive interdisciplinary dialogue in order to include all empirical disciplines in its goal to improve reproduciblity and replicability.

Launch meeting and retreat: October 23rd 2020

If you are organizing a local group with pertinent activities/goals and want to become a Local SwissRN Node please send an email to the SwissRN coordinator.