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Eva Furrer

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Strengthen the Interoperability and Reusability of Research Outputs (SIRRO)

Rigorous design, transparent reporting, and reproducible workflows are major factors strengthening the interoperability and reusability of research data and are hence crucial to increase the value of research data and, more broadly, the value of research outputs. The aims of the SIRRO project are to 1) fortify SwissRN as an existing community engaging with ORD practices that have the goal of strengthening interoperability and reusability, and 2) intensify the efforts of SwissRN towards a systematic assessment of the impact and obstacles in the implementation of ORD practices.

More specifically, the focus of this project is on the ORD practices of preregistration and data management planning as measures to avoid bias and to increase quality. The project contains four parts:

  1. Assessment of researchers’ understanding and perception of ORD practices across disciplines and their perceived impact on careers.
  2. Assessment of types of research outputs that are already produced and disciplinary differences herein.
  3. Assessment of hurdles and incentives for a community, here researchers in animal studies, to adopt preregistration and data management practices.
  4. Develop and dispense appropriate training activities on preregistration, data management practices and good research practices in general.

Funded by swissuniversities Swiss Open Research Data Grants program Track A, August 2022


Eva Furrer
Leonhard Held
Rachel Heyard
Michael Ochsner
Manuel Pfister
Evie Vergauwe
Hanno Würbel

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Image credit: Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free.org

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