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Manuela Höfler

“Systematic reviews of animal studies: fostering evidence-based and reproducible preclinical research”, 28 – 31 Aug 2023

The growing biomedical literature requires researchers to have tools for managing data and conducting structured research. A systematic review is a rigorous, structured, and reproducible research summary that allows to map a research field at the start of a project, are a prerequisite for a clinical trial, or are used to assess employed methods within a field. Furthermore, systematic reviews are crucial for animal welfare, allowing knowledge gain without animal use, thus promoting the 3Rs concept.

Our summer school will equip the participants with skills for systematic reviews of animal studies and introduce automation concepts. After completing the summer school, participants will be able to independently conduct rigorous systematic reviews in preclinical research.

We welcome PhD students and postdocs working in animal research or interested in preclinical research. No prior experience with systematic reviews is needed.

The summer school is focused on hands-on sessions where participants will work on their own systematic review projects with the support of attending tutors. The course requires active engagement and participation. Led by experienced researchers and experts in the field, the summer school covers topics such as protocol drafting, comprehensive literature search, and other aspects of systematic review methodology. lnvited speakers will also discuss other types of reviews, principles of the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement), and related subjects.

To apply for our summer school, each participant is required to formulate their own research question which will form the basis to conduct a systematic review. During the course, we will support each participant in advancing their own systematic review

Date / Location
Aug 28th -31st 2023 / University of Zurich

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